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Teaching and Methodological Work

During 17-20 August 2016 on the basis of the Ivan Franko Lviv National University the first English-language summer school : «Communication, Grant-writing, Methodology and Publications Education Research» was successfully held. With the financial support of the US Embassy in Ukraine Summer School has became part of a large-scale year project of the Ukrainian Association education researchers "Support for the reform of higher education in Ukraine", aimed at raising the level of professionalism in the training and research activities of universities, attracting teachers to the exchange of academic experience, promotion of empirical research education and the like.
The Summer School was attended by 38 participants from different regions of Ukraine, including a Ph.D., assistant professor of economics at CHNTU Natalia Kholiavka. The work of the School was held for four days, during which the participants had the opportunity to participate in the thirteen English-language training, that were conducted by  15 trainers from Ukraine and from abroad, in particular the University of Utrecht (Netherlands), Norwegian University of Science and Technology (Norway), Cambridge and university of Edinburgh (UK). National teachers representing universities Lviv, Drohobych, Uman, Kharkiv, Kherson, Lutsk, Nizhyn.
The school work harmoniously blends theory and practice of the training organization, aimed at the formation of research culture of scholars and teachers (Theo Vubelz and Marit Honerod Hoveyda), skills to organize scientific and pedagogic research and study of educational practices (Olena Fimiar, Yulia Soroka, Tatiana Hora), the ability to apply innovative researching methods in the field of higher education (Maria Vitruh Natalia Horuk) effectively present themselves as scientists (Olena Kovalchuk), and create high-quality presentations and posters at international conferences (Irina Kushnir), organize the work of the scientific texts (Oksana Zabolotnaya) and prepare publications in peer-reviewed scientific publications (Oksana Kys), as well as develop the skills command of cooperation in solving current pedagogical problems (representatives of Vertical Move Labs Irina Konchenko and Nataliia Astakhova), and others. Special attention was paid to the methodology of international educational projects, particularly focused on project Organization for economic cooperation and development TALIS (Shchudlo Svetlana and Tatiana Lesnaia).

We are proud to congratulate the Doctor of Economics, Professor Valentina Vladimirovna on the recognition of the high level of professionalism in the field of auditing business relationships!
We are pleased to announce  that Riadianska Valentina on the 24th  reporting and election congress of the All-Ukrainian professional public association "Union of Auditors of Ukraine" was elected to the permanent collegial management body - the Union Council , and has became a member of the commission on certification and education of auditors.
We heartily wish Valentina Vladimirovna further success in the field of scientific, educational and business activities!

The scientists of Educational and Research Institute of Economics of Chernihiv National University of Technology

In the period from June 28 to July 1, 2016 at the invitation of the OSS in partnership with YPO "Molodyi Rukh"(The Young Movement) (supported by the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the basis of the decision of the Bundestag of the Federal Republic of Germany through the representation of Hans Seidel Foundation), an assistant professor of economics N. I. Kholiavka participated in School of Mutual Understanding and Youth Leadership, realized in the framework of the project "Youth Uniting Ukraine". The aim of the project is to bring together young people of the West-East-North-Central and South of Ukraine around common democratic values, promoting mutual understanding, tolerance and leadership qualities of the Ukrainian youth.
Within a few days, participants from all over Ukraine were selected on a competitive basis, gained the knowledge necessary for the development of the young leader (leadership qualities, management of public organization, writing and realizing projects, etc.), and also took part in expert discussions concerning the analysis of historical moments, dealing with the past, nurturing mutual understanding, tolerance and so on.

Web of Science is an online subscription-based scientific citation indexing service maintained by Thomson Reuters that provides a comprehensive citation search. It gives access to multiple databases that reference cross-disciplinary research, which allows for in-depth exploration of specialized sub-fields within an academic or scientific discipline.

Web of Science contains over 3700 leading journals and more than 10100 scientific editions from all over the world, including journals in open access and over 110 000 conference materials. It covers the period from 1900 till present time in 256 disciplines. In 2012 Web of Science included 18 Ukrainian journals, 17 of which are released by scientific institutions of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine.

ESCI (Emerging Sources Citation Index) was founded by Web of Science in 2015 and covers regional scientific journals published in regional languages.


Fast and high quality binding of diploma thesis, dissertations and other documents in hard cover is made in the building 1 of Chernihiv National University of Technology, Chernihiv, Shevchenko street  95, room  310.

By prior arrangement on weekends. Phone:. 099-256-17-28, 066-817-11-27.

The leading universities of Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan and Latvia have taken part in the conference.
The conference was opened by Chernihiv National University of Technology Professors: Doctor of Technical Sciences Kazymyr V., Doctor of Economic Sciences Honta O., and Candidate of Economic Sciences Remniova L.
The conference was conducted in the format of plenary session and discussion platforms. The participants considered the current socio-economic and humanitarian issues within the framework of 9 sections.
The experienced and young researchers shared their experiences, discussed the solution ways regarding the problems of the economy of Ukraine and of the participating countries at the conference, the prospective development of specific economic sectors and spent time socializing with colleagues.


On account of Science Days in Ukraine the International Scientific and Practical Conference "Youth Science - 2016 : The Socio-Economic and Humanitarian Aspects of Society" was announced to be held.

May 24, 2016 about 12.00 p.m. the Interdepartmental Research Seminar Training of Research Institute of Economy will take place in the hall of the Academic Council of Education and Research Institute of Economics of Chernihiv National University of Technology (CHNTU), building 11, room 117, where the following theses will be reviewed and discussed:

DMYTRO SHATYRKO on “Regulation of venture investment innovation in Ukraine” presented for the degree of Candidate of Economic Sciences, special field 08.00.03 - Economics and Management of National Economy.

Research instructor: Volodymyr Savchenko, Honored Economist of Ukraine, Doctor of Economics, Professor of Economics at Chernihiv National University of Technology. The thesis was completed at the Department of Chernihiv National University of Technology.

Viktoriia Marhasova, Doctor of Economics, Full professor, Head of the Department of Accounting, Taxation and Auditing at Chernihiv National University of Technology.
Yurii Kyryliuk, Candidate of Economic Sciеnces, Associate Professor, Head of the Department of Economic Theory at Chernihiv National University of Technology.
Mekshun Lyudmila, Candidate of Economic Sciеnces, Associate Professor, Associate Professor at the Department of Economics at Chernihiv National University of Technology.

German scholarly publishing house Walter de Gruyter specializing in academic literature opened its database on a free of charge basis to ChNUT till June 10th 2016.

Walter de Gruyter database includes books, textbooks and journals in various disciplines starting from the year 1650. Half of the content on the website is in English and half is in German. The free of charge access was given to IP addresses of ChNUT temporarily within the frame of cooperation and is opening a perfect opportunity to our scholars, professors and students. Materials are available to download in PDF format here: http://www.degruyter.com/


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