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Thursday, 25 September 2014 15:14

Scholarships for study in Germany

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BAYHOST are scholarships for students and scientists from Eastern Europe. The program provides support for graduates of the universities who want to complete the postgraduate program at one of the universities in Bavaria. Initially the Scholarship is granted for one year and can be extended by a maximum of two (altogether for three years) after the filing of the proper application. 30 scholarships are planned, the monthly scholarships is 700 Euros.

The purpose of the program is to support scientific collaboration and student exchange between Bavaria and Eastern Europe. For more information, please visit the web site: http://www.uni-regensburg.de/bayhost/medien/stip-incoming/ea_de_2015.pdf

Scholarships for foreigners of Friedrich Ebert Fund. The support is provided to students from all areas of outstanding success in school and at the university who want to study or studying now in Germany and identify themselves with the Social-democratic views and act on them. Scholarship holders receive financial support for successful studying: the monthly scholarship is about 670 euros, and other benefits. More information about the program you can observe at the web site: http://www.fes.de/studienfoerderung/bewerbung

Scholarships of Educational Fund of Berlin Chamber of Deputies. Fund supports the young scientists from all specialties who want to take the opportunity in Berlin research institutions. The criterions for the provision of scholarships are the professional qualifications and social activity of the ones who want to get a scholarship. Every year about 15 scholarships are given for 10 months at a rate of 1080 euros per month for graduates and 1610 euros for scientists with a degree. Grant holders have the opportunity within one year to collect the experience of scientific life of Berlin, and to get acquainted with the culture, lifestyle and inhabitants of Berlin. Information about the scholarship can be obtained by following the link: http://www.parlament-berlin.de/de/Das-Parlament/Studienstiftung

Scholarships of Berlin Graduate School of Muslim cultures and communities. Berlin Graduate Schools of Muslim cultures and communities which are supported by land and Federation "Exzellenzinitiative", taking 15 new graduate students from the 1st October 2015, 10 graduate students will receive a scholarship. The prerequisites for applying are the diploma with good grades from one presented in the Graduate School of humanities, social or regional studies majors, as well as a good knowledge of English. For more information, please contact the web site: http://www.bgsmcs.fu-berlin.de/en/application1/index.html

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