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Monday, 19 May 2014 18:06

Visit to the library!

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Scientific library of Chernihiv State Institute of Economics and Management invites everyone on Open Day On May 15. The pupils of 10-11 classes of Chernihiv schools with class teachers and teachers were invited. Everyone was eager to come, because most of them in the future will be the students of universities.
The main objective of the event was the introduction of the university library, which is designed to provide the learning process and provide the users with the maximum amount of relevant information. These tasks were executed by subdivisions of the Scientific Library: Reading Rooms, Editing-Publishing and scientific Departments, department of information and bibliographic work, training subscription, Division of acquisition and processing of scientific documents. These departments conducted excursion for the guests.
There were a number of interesting exhibitions, open views of literature, stands with information on CSIEM in the spacious, bright reading hall.

Pupils also received a pleasant surprise. The library has a tradition to conduct the master class; they share the secrets of creation. This time, everyone who wanted, had a chance to make a doll-motanka. Boys and girls were pleased to have this opportunity. The results of friendly work together were the dolls "Grace" - an ancient sacred amulet with the wishes never to grieve and never give up.
The total attention attracted the exhibition -"record-holder" of the Library: the largest and the smallest books; the book with the biggest number of pages; the most ancient book by the year of publication; the most popular book.
The department of information and bibliographic work told about their activities, and conducted a short tour to the museum of institution.
Training Subscription invited visitors in their book fund. Travel to the two-story maze of shelving was a real adventure for students.
The staff of scientific department told the basic steps to search, selecting information sources and documents using modern information and communication technologies in general and library programs specifically. Also, they presented a short review of domestic and international resources for free access offered by the library of CSIEM today for its users.
The excursion Ended in the Literary hall of scientific Library , where exhibitions of creative work and meeting with interesting people are conducted, where you can work with your laptop, or walk along the shelves of fiction and choose a book to your liking, or just sit with your friends.
The team of scientific library of CSIEM would like to thank the leaders of the lyceum-schools №№ 15, 22 and 32, secondary schools № № 28, 30, 33 for their cooperation. We are glad to see our new readers!

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