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Monday, 28 April 2014 17:06

The stars came down from sky

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The atmosphere of celebration and competitive spirit prevail in the cultural and educational center "Peremogha" once again. A reason for this was very valid. The exclusive, spectacular and colorful show-contest "Star couple of CSIEM" happened, in which six couples took part. When the first contestants appeared on stage, the audience disrupted the storm of emotions! There were many posters and "chants" support groups of star couples during the evening. And the evening was incredible!

The competition part of the celebration of beauty and talent consisted of 4 stages. After enchanting appearance at the scene and acquaintance with jury, every celebrity couple introduced their video business card. Dances and wonderful songs pleased everyone, which were presented in the second contest by contestants "Constellation of the talents". During the competition "Improvisation" star duets demonstrated the ability of quick orientation and responding to different events. And at the end, the participants gave an opportunity to the viewers to immerse themselves in an unforgettable and enchanting atmosphere of the West of early 20th century in the fourth contest "Star Jazz".
The fight for first place was very hard, because each couple was very interesting. Someone conquered the jury by voice, artistry and costumes, and some of them – by charisma and interesting idea of the performance.
Nevertheless it is a competition and the winner must be one, so the favorite of Audience Choice was the celebrity couple of Finance and Economics Faculty - Verecun Mykola and Zaghorodnja Marija. The winners of the contest "Star couple of CSIEM" contestants were from Civil Engineering Faculty - Strilecj Anton and Kozynecj Iryna. .
All participants received certificates, prizes, flowers and gifts from sponsors of the event and Studprofkomu of CSIEM and the visitors got a lot of positive emotions and unforgettable experience!

The organizers of the contest are: Student Council and Studprofkom of CSIEM, cultural and educational center "Peremogha". They express their sincere gratitude to the partners and sponsors of the contest show "Star couple of CSIEM".
Special thanks to the students: Rybchenko Ghanna, Lykhuta Jana, Bucko Olena, Sjedovij Anastasija, Chernenko Dajana, Skvorcovij Iryna, Stepanjan Armen, Spivak Oleksandr, Kutas Vladyslav, Judina Anastasija and Kostrycja Jevghenija.

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