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Saturday, 19 April 2014 15:10

Master class for those who dream of a successful career

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Master class "How to make a resume and to behave at the interview" was at CSIEM as part of the "Career Week" at the Faculty of Finance and Economics on April 16th, 2014. A lot of students think about finding a job and need practical skills in writing resume, preparing for interviews especially when it becomes closer to graduation from the institute. Of course, there are many useful sites, you can consult with your friends who are already working, but you can come to the Master class of leading specialist of teaching department of PJSC "Alfa- Bank" Tomash Maryny and in friendly atmosphere in online form learn the secrets of writing the resume and passing the interview, which really convince employers and open the way to a successful career.

Students 4th and 5th courses of specialties "Finance and Credit", "Banking" and "Marketing" actively participated in the master class and in the form of a dialogue talking with coach Tomash Maryna, found out the requirements for resume writing and passing rules of the interview. Also for themselves they found out how to avoid mistakes communicating with employers and ten rules that must be followed for successful self-presentation.
Positive feedback from students demonstrates the utility of this form of communication, when received knowledge can be tested in practice during the "game" interview with meticulous HR- manager and after group discussion you can discover where you’ve been successful, and what you should improve.
Some students were interviewed immediately after the master class.
Fourth-year student Jareshko Tetjana was very pleased by this event: "The master class was very helpful, because the placing in a job is waiting for us in the near future, and now we are morally ready for it. All materials were told in a simple and understandable form, I’ve learnt a lot of relevant information for myself. Although we were talking for four hours with few breaks, time has passed very quickly, and it was interesting for us"
A fourth-year student Dorosh Taras liked the master class for its practical orientation, for possibility to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of real resume, and useful tips for the interview, which he did not read in books.
So we should thank PJSC "Alfa- Bank", which cooperates with the financial and economic faculty of CSIEM, invites our students to their open houses, conducts workshops, and the most important that "Alfa- Bank" provides employment in their powerful service center in Chernihiv.
Students have received many useful tips and recommendations in the course of the training, which they will need in the future for job placement.
More and more students are going to work. Someone wants to get professional experience which is highly valued in large companies, someone just needs money; someone starts working from the first course, someone thinks about a job closer to graduate.
The combination of training and work allows students to support themselves financially, to help parents, it helps to develop responsibility, independence and creativity, and there is an opportunity for professional growth.

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