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Monday, 14 April 2014 22:32

"Career Week" at Juridical Faculty

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"Career Week" was conducted at Juridical faculty of CSIEM from 07.04.2014 till 04.11.2014. The aim of the event was a personal acquaintance of the student audience of the Juridical Faculty of Chernihiv region employers and jobs that they offer. Invited guests talked with the students in the form of a dialogue, told them their vision and basic requirements for a modern specialist in the labor market, to officials in law enforcement and justice in particular. The main tasks and functions of the Main Department of Justice were. The question as to current conditions combine career and volunteer was raised. Director and leading specialists of Chernihiv City Center of social services for family, children and youth are constantly working with Juridical Faculty, Department of Social Work, have more than one project. Master-class "Fundamentals of successful business communication" completed "Career Week".

Among the guests at the "Career Week" there was: a Chief Physician of Chernihiv Regional blood transfusion station, a candidate of medical sciences, Associate Professor GHERASYMENKO PAVLO VOLODYMYROVYCH, a leading specialist of Chernihiv City Centre of Social Services for Family, Children and Youth VOLYNECJ NATALIJA IVANIVNA, a director of Chernihiv City Centre of Social Services for Family, Children and Youth KUZNECOVA-MOLODCHA TETJANA STEPANIVNA, a senior public prosecutor of Chernihiv prosecution of supervision over the observance of laws in the transport sector sphere KRUPKO SERGHIJ VOLODYMYROVYCH, a judge of Novozavodsky law court DERKACH OLEKSANDR GHRYGHOROVYCH, Deputy of Chief of Main Department Justice of Chernihiv region BOBRUJKO VOLODYMYR ANATOLIJOVYCH, the head of the public organization "City Youth Center "Zhmenja" GHUSAK REGHINA VIKTORIVNA, a senior Specialist of Chernihiv City Centre of Social Services for Family, Children and Youth VOLYNECJ NATALIJA IVANIVNA, the head of Customs Clearance Customs Ministry of Chernihiv income and charges of Ukraine LYSENKO OLEKSANDR MYKHAJLOVYCH, a senior inspector of customs post "Senjkivka" of Chernihiv Customs Ministry of income and charges CHAJKA OLEKSANDR IVANOVYCH, a candidate of philological sciences, an assistant professor of humanities of CSIEM ZINEVYCH LJUDMYLA VASYLIVNA.

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