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Friday, 31 January 2014 14:12

ORCID is a unique scientist ID

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The problem of accurate identification of the author's scientific work is not new in the world. Every day dozens of scientists with the same names publish their scientific contributions in various scientific journals in different countries. For example, the top 10 most popular Ukrainian surnames: Shevchenko, Miller, Kovalenko, Bondarenko, Tkachenko, Kravchenko, Kovalchuk, Smith, Shevchuk, Savchenko. Moreover, our authors are sometimes published in international journals under different versions of their surnames (for example, Oliynyk, Oliinyk, Oliynik).

Therefore, there are many confusions and errors during counting citations of works by international scientists scientometric bases. The project Open Researcher and Contributor ID or ORCID was created to solve this problem.
ORCID - an open , non-profit project to create and maintain a registry of unique identifiers researchers, transparent way of linking research activities and access to these identifiers. ORCID is unique due to its independence of scientific disciplines and national borders, as well as interaction with other systems of identification.
The main purpose of the introduction of ORCID is the opportunity to identify research papers written by different scientists with the same first and last names. ID is a 16-digit number which is unique to each author.
Account ORCID includes information about the name of the scientist, email address, company name and his research activities. ORCID accounts the need to control the spread of the data and provides the appropriate tools to manage the level of privacy data.
Structure identifier ORCID: ORCID ID is a number with 16 digits, coordinated with the standard ISO (ISO 27729). In addition to numbers from 0 to 9 ID can contain uppercase letter X, representing the number 10.
ORCID ID is displayed as the address type http://orcid.org/xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx.
Today ORCID members are about 300 organizations, including many reputable university and academic publishers.
Introduction of identifier simplifies filling of various forms in the publication of the article. By submitting an article to a magazine, you simply enter your ORCID, and the system will determine your name and personal details.
Sign up and receive your unique ID is free online https://orcid.org/register
If you have any questions or you need more information, please contact the Scientific Department of Library (Striletska, 1/1, room 103).

Editors of “Scientific Journal of CSIEM”

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