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Saturday, 23 November 2013 10:33

The scientific-practical seminar between the departments “The philosophy dimension of management: the genesis and modernity”

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The seminar among the departments on the occasion of The Worldwide Day of the Philosophy was on the 21st of November, 2013 in the department of management in Chernihiv State Institute of Economics and Management. The lecturers of humanitarian and management departments and students of the first year of study took part in the seminar. The deputy of the dean of management department, the reader Kundenko A. greeted the students with the welcoming word. She noticed that the philosophy as the intellectual form of the cognition of the world, it gives the opportunity to the students-managers to master the unique experience of basic questions of the management, and also formatting the skills of creative, critical thinking, which is so important during solving the actual management targets.

The reader of the humanitarian subject department N. Shakun examined in his interactive lecture the philosophical and the theoretical-methodological basis of the management in the conditions of modern information society. The students of the first year of study of the “Management” speciality showed the presentation of the experience of comprehension of the phenomenon of the management the native country and West European thinkers, and its modern philosophical strategy. The deeply of the philosophy and its role in the life of the person and in the life of specialist showed K.Antonova, N.Brovko, L.Reva, M.Sereda, K.Kotenko. The reports of S.Hornoi, A.Smiian, A.Topal, R.Skliara, was the genesis of the philosophical views on the management and peculiarity of the admission the management’s thoughts in the context of modern philosophy. In the reports of V.Dziuban, M.Kovalovoi, D.Sych the topic was the interconnection of the information and management, the perspectives of the development of informational society. The lecturer of humanitarian department O. Ponomarenko held the training on the theme “Time-management: the management of the own time”. The students and all who was interested in had a chance to teach effective planning of their own time, to realize their main purposes and made a plan how reach it.
The common thought of the members of the seminar was that the philosophy gives as a chance to think of the management from the point of view of people’s vital activity, supplements the creation to the modern investigations, marks the main purpose and values of management in the modern conditions.

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