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Tuesday, 29 December 2015 11:39

Access to databases

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Bibliography and abstract database and tools to track citation of articles, which are published in scientific journals. It is a part of an integrated scientific information sphere of SciVerse. It indexes the 18,000 names of scientific publications on technical, medical and humanities of 5,000 publishers. Database indexed scientific journals, conference proceedings, books and serial publications. The developer and owner of SciVerse Scopus is a publishing corporation Elsevier. The database is available on a subscription basis through a web interface. The search device Scopus device integrated with the search engine Scirus search web pages and patent database. This database might be the most complete and comprehensive resource for searching scientific literature, according to the announced strategy [2]. SCOPUS includes 38,000,000 records of scientific publications, including 19 million resources of scientific publications published after 1996, with lists of bibliography.

Web of Science Thomson Reuters Corporation
Search platform, which combines abstract database of publications in scientific journals and patents, including bases, taking into account the mutual citing publications developed and provided by Thomson Reuters. Web of Science covers materials from natural, technological, biological, social, humanities and arts. The platform has built-in search capabilities, analysis and management of bibliographic information. Web of Science includes over 3,700 leading journals and more than 10,100 scientific publications worldwide, including Open Access journals and over 110,000 conference proceedings. It covers the period from 1900 in 256 disciplines.

Ulrich's Periodicals Directory (Ulrichsweb)

Database Ulrich's Periodicals Directory of American publishing Bowker, is the largest database that describes the world flow of serial (periodic and prolonged) publications in all thematic areas of life. Database contains descriptions of nearly 300 000 of Serial publications, of which over 200 000 are publications that go on now. It actively used by academic institutions to analyze global flow of serial publications in reference and information work and in the acquisition of the incoming flow of periodicals publications and publications.

Index Copernicus(IC)
Index Copernicus (IC) is an online database of user-contributed information, including scientist profiles, as well as of scientific institutions, publications and projects established in 1999 in Poland. The database has several productivity assessment tools to track the impact of scientific works and publications, individual scientists, or research institutions. In addition to the productivity aspects, IC also offers the traditional abstracting and indexing of scientific publications. The database is operated by Index Copernicus International. The database is named after Nicolaus Copernicus, who argued for the modern form of heliocentrism, and triggered the Copernican Revolution. The database Index Copernicus in 2013 includes around 5,000 journals worldwide, including more than 1,200 Polish. The database includes more than 13,000 scientific journals at the end of 2015.

The leading provider of electronic services and databases of information services in the market, which represents more than 476 databases for different user groups. Databases EBSCO includes magazines, books, pamphlets, newspapers, reference books, policy briefs from many disciplines. The data in the databases represented in the form of full texts, and some - only in the form of summaries (abstracts).  The latest issues of the journal and the archive - for some editions until 1950 are included to EBSCO. It has a powerful interactive bibliographic system EBSCOhost. Site EBSCO today is one of the most used sites on the Internet to search for scientific information.

Scientific Ukrainica
Ukrainian nationwide database of abstracts of scientific, technical, social, humanitarian and medical sciences. It was initiated by National Library of Ukraine named after VI Vernadsky  of Ukraine and the Institute for Information Recording of The National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. It has printed counterpart - a reference magazine "Source"

Google Scholar

Search and nonprofit bibliometric system which indexes scientific publications and cites their citation.

Scientific Periodicals of Ukraine

The nationwide technology platform based on Open Journal Systems (OJS), which provides for scientific periodicals of Ukraine processes of editorial processing, publishing, after publishing support. Resource develops on Resource develops on (Uranium) basis of mutually beneficial partnership of voluntary publishers who wish, capable and willing to work in high-tech-oriented Web environment as well as scientific libraries and information centers of Ukraine. The project involves three aspects of integration of publishers: common implementation of OJS, use a single national register of subjects and objects of the publishing process, adherence of the common principles of publishing and editorial policy. Cooperation of "Scientific periodicals of Ukraine" with leading international scientific and information resources, national and academic libraries of the world can simplify for publisher-participators in the process of entering their publications in prestigious abstract databases, directories and search engines. Through the gateway software platform editions of "Scientific periodicals of Ukraine" are fully represented in federal global catalog, WorldCat, in directories of research libraries, in search platforms Google Scholar, Bielefeld Academic Search Engine, OpenAIRE and others. "Publishing Service uranium" has licenses of authorized provider to an international registry ORCID, which allows interested publishing houses quickly update their profile data on the new authors published articles.

Russian scientific citation index (RINTS)
Bibliographic database of scientific publications of scientists of Russia and CIS countries in over 4,000 journals. The analytical tool Science Index is developed to obtain the necessary data on publications and citations of articles from the database RINTS.

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