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Thursday, 24 December 2015 11:30

Polish Erasmus for Ukraine

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"Polish Erasmus for Ukraine" - an international cooperation program in higher education, funded by the European Commission to improve the mobility of students and to improve the quality of education.
Through this program, students of financial and economic faculty ChNTU Dorosh Taras and Rekun Liudmyla (group Fmah-101) for the second semester studying at Lublin Catholic University of John Paul II, which is prestigious not only in Poland but also abroad.   Taras and Liudmyla s came in touch with us before The New Year's holidays, kindly shared their impressions of academic mobility program and answered questions from the dean of the Faculty of Finance and Remnovoi Liudmyly Mykhailivny.

How do you assess the level of undergraduate education in ChNTU in terms of opportunities to continue you education in the European university?
Liudmyla: I can say that this level is quite sufficient, because now I study the another specialty "Management" and i do not feel lack of knowledge. There is one problem - Polish, because I studied it only one semester.
Taras: Frankly, the level of teaching in ChNTU is not significantly different, and learning completely depends on diligence and desire of the student. So I can say with confidence: our students can study on double degree programs and master's degree in Poland, the only thing is necessary - to show diligence in studying language.

How Polish students and teachers perceive you?
Liudmyla: Teachers refer to us with understanding, a lot of things explain, speak  not very fast. We have a lot of practical issues and therefore work in small groups with Polish students, there is no communication problems.
Taras: Teachers perceive us as ordinary students, and so there are no concessions on their part, we, unfortunately or fortunately, did not get. The main difference from the Ukrainian Polish students has a big tendency to communication and the establishment of friendly relations. The sincerity is dominated in the communication, and you can always find a common topic, and often the polish students are the initiators of the discussion.

What are the main differences in studying in The European University compared with studying in Ukraine?
Liudmyla: I have not noticed a lot of differences, but I can say about the significant burden of Polish students during the session.
Taras: It surprised me too, that the most difficult time for Polish students during the semester falls on its end and the session. During the term you should only take classes, write and listen to lecturers. In the end you must to take the necessary projects, presentations, researches, to pass exams.

What are your most memorable memories in Poland?
Liudmyla: I had an opportunity to visit six Polish cities (favorite Krakow and Gdansk), to visit the Czech Republic (Prague), France (Paris), Germany (Munich) and last trip was to Italy (Rome). So many impressions!

What would you say to students of junior and senior courses, who wish in future to take part in programs of academic mobility?
Taras: I want to give advice to study the language of the country where you want to study, as well as English as a language of international communication. It is better to study a language at a young age, because more horizons and opportunities will be opened to you. I also want to give advice to Ukrainian students do not consider themselves as a second-rate in comparison with foreign: when you are a student, you student everywhere. We are the same as Polish, Brazilian, Japanese, Indonesian, Lithuanian, Portuguese, French students (and others which I had to meet and with whom I spoke personally). But listen to me: apply more efforts to study, learn languages, read English-language academic books, original books of famous authors, try to speak to an audience more, but without auxiliary text. Improvise and create!

What Christmas and New Year wishes you would say to Ukrainian students, lecturers and staff of the University in Polish (ofcourse in translation)?
Liudmyla: For me, Polish language is very similar sometimes with Ukrainian, only with other endings in words. Poles always speak very short wishes and congratulations (this is my observation), and therefore I will be like them: wszystkiego najlepszego (good luck) i wesolych swiat (Merry Christmas)!
Taras: Zycze powodzenia w zyciu osobistym, co najwazniejsze (I wish you success in your personal life, it is the most important), w uczeniu, ale poprawnemu, ktore rozwija, ale nie zabija inicjatywe (in studying, in a proper way, which develops, but does not kill the initiative), nauczyc sie doceniac drugiego jak siebie samego (to learn to appreciate the other as yourself), wszystkiego najlepszego co dla siebie zyczylibyscie (all the best, what you want).

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