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Thursday, 26 November 2015 15:29

Economic tournament at the Scientific-Educational Institute of Economics of ChNTU

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Department of Economic Theory of Scientific-Educational Institute of Economics of CHNTU conducted the economic tournament devoted to the 55 anniversary of ChNTU and 400-year anniversary of the political economy on November 25, 2015.
Five teams of students of the second year of the financial -economic and accounting-economic departments participated in the tournament. There were 4 stages in the tournament:
- "Command Card" and presentations on "Political economy: the queen of social sciences or slave of the market?";
- Competition of wall newspapers on the topic "Political economy - philosophy of management";
- Competition to solve the economic situation tasks on "Create your own business";
- Economic quiz.

Participants and spectators-fans demonstrated a high level of knowledge in economics, demonstrated creativity and non-standard thinking during the economic tournament.

The team of financial and economic department (group Ф-141) Pustovoit Diany, Horbenko Karyny, Didok Hanny, Kotovoi Tetiany, Panimatchenko Viktorii won in the competition.
Second place took the team of БО-141 Accounting and Economics Department (Hladun Tetiana, Lazarenko Yuliia, Lysak Kateryna, Luhovska Alina, Rudnyk Anastasiia), the third place - took a team of ЕкК-141 (Hlushchenko Anastasiia, Apenko Hanna, Donets Kateryna, Spyrydonova Valeriia, Nedashkovskyi Maksym). Participants of the Economic tournament were awarded with diplomas, certificates and encouraging gifts.
An important contribution to the overall positive atmosphere and a lively discussion and significant support provided to participants audience of university students.
Qualified jury: Honta, O. I., Doctor of Economics, prof., Director of the Institute of Economics of ChNTU; Savchenka V. F., Doctor of Economics, Professor., Honored Economist of Ukraine; Kyryliuka Yu. V., Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor, the head of the department of economic theory; Shestakovskoi T. L., Candidate of Economic Sciences, senior lecturer of the Department of Economic Theory.
We give thanks to the Department of Economic Theory consisting of  Kyryliuka Yu. V., Savchenka V. F., Polkovnychenko S. O., Kholiavko N. I., Mekshun L. M., Velihorskoho A. M., Boiarchuk L. V. for the realization of such intresting and meaningful department.

Congratulations to the winners!
We thank all participants and spectators of economic tournament!

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