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Wednesday, 29 April 2015 13:40

Open days at the university

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The cultural - artistic educational event was on April 23 in the reading room of scientific library ChNTU (Striletska st., 1) as part of the International Student Scientific Conference "Youth science - 2015: socio - economic and humanitarian aspects of society". The exhibition of paintings "The sources of spiritual memory" was opened to the 90th anniversary of the birth of Chernihiv artist- traveler Leonid Mohuchov (1925 - 2014) and the International Day of Monuments and historical places. Anatolii  Nykyforovych Shkurko, People's Artist of Ukraine, and  Iryna Valeriivna Shtankina, the art critic, deputy director of Chernihiv Institute of Arts and Cultural Management KNAKKKiM, visited the event. Viktor Mykolaiovych Velychko, the exhibition curator, lecturer of the Faculty of Tourism "vital activity, natural resources and tourism" of ESI administration and management of Victor N. Velichko groups and students of T-121 and T-122 groups told about the life and career of the artist. Students worked on the tourist route maps trips of Leonid Mohuchov  in Chernihiv and Canada. The paintings of the famous artist were on the numerous exhibitions in Canada under the patronage of Ambassador of Ukraine to Canada Levko Lukianenko and Metropolitan of Kiev and All Ukraine Filaret.

Students had processed archival materials about the artist's stay in Canada (1993-1994). Leonid Borysovych is known in Ukraine and abroad as an advocate of the preservation of monuments of history and culture. Artist-traveler rode all Chernihiv region by bicycle, visited Carpathian Ruthenia, Bukovina, Podolia and Caucasus, Russia. He recreated almost three thousand historical and cultural monuments in his works, most of which are destroyed now. Paintings of windmills took the important place in the works of the artist - the wooden giants, which embellished the landscapes of many Ukrainian villages and were a symbol of our bakery nation. I. V. Shtankina presented her investigation on the history and present status of these unique structures. A. N. Shkurko, the famous artist of Chernihiv shared his memories about his friend Leonid Borysovych, whom he knew since school years.  Anatolii Nykyforovych stressed on solid and unbreakable character of the artist, who had irrepressible desire for creativity, the desire to preserve the spiritual heritage of the motherland. Exhibition of paintings is exhibited from April 23 in the reading room of scientific library of ChNTU (Striletska st., 1).We invite all art lovers!

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