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Department of Economic Cybernetics and Computer Science

Department of Economic Cybernetics and Computer Science (4)

Department Head: Huriev Volodymyr Ivanovych, candidate of technical sciences (PhD in Technical Sciences), associate professor

Address: Chernihiv, Stryletska St., 1 (map on-line)

Tel. (046-22) 5-32-78, internal number 4-43


The department of Economic Cybernetics and Computer Science was established by the order № 101 of September, the 1st, in 2008 in accordance with the Academic Council’s decision (the minutes № 06/08 of August, the 28th, in 2008) about the rearrangement of the department of Economic Cybernetics and the department of Computer Science. In general, the department has got through some stages of the development. In 1993, being composed of Chernihiv Institute of Regional Economics and Management it was established the department of Econometrics and Computer Science, which was the starting point for the institute’s development in this scientific way.

The department was headed by V.P. Maslov, candidate of technical sciences, associate professor. The department included: E. A. Trapeznikova, candidate of economic sciences, A.A. Klymenko, lecturer, O.V. Zlobina, senior lecturer, A.O. Rozinko, lab assistant, O.M. Ustimenko, lab assistant. In 1994 the department became a subdivision of Chernihiv State Institute of Economics and Management. At that moment there were 20 computers in the disposal of the department. In 1996, in connection with the rearrangement of training subdivisions of the institute, the department was renamed into the department of Information Systems and Technologies. Heads of the department were V.P. Maslov, candidate of technical sciences, associate professor, B.I. Sukhovirskyi, candidate of technical sciences, associate professor, the 1st rector of ChSIEM and V.I. Huriev, candidate of technical sciences, associate professor.

In 2003 from the department of Information Systems and Technologies it was separated the department of Economic Cybernetics. Ye. C. Parniakov, doctor of technical sciences, professor, was appointed to head the department. At that moment the department included I.S. Skiter, candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, M.Ye. Yurchenko, candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, L.M. Klintsov, candidate of technical sciences, O.V. Trunova, candidate of pedagogical sciences, A.H. Hrebennyk, lecturer. Nowadays the department graduates Bachelors of Arts and specialists in Economic cybernetics, and secures gaining of advanced knowledge in different trends of computer science, computer hardware, information systems and technologies by the students of all specialities.

Training hardware

The training process is secured by the computer science laboratory headed by O.V. Zlobina. The undergraduates and graduates in Economic cybernetics work as lab assistants and technicians. There are 15 of them. Now there are 214 computers in the disposal of the department, 18 computer classrooms. In general there are 360 computers. Computer classrooms are equipped with up-to-date software. Since 1997 the institute has connected to the Internet and it puts our computer web into the global information space, and it mostly expands dataware of the training.

Computer technologies are used in the following ways:

  • to upgrade a typical lecture and seminar form of training;
  • to perform set tasks, lab works, course papers (yearly projects), degree work by the students;
  • to use special training software and applications to gain advanced knowledge in certain academic subjects;
  • to gain proficiency in real software and applications to use them in practice in manufacture or at the establishments and enterprises;
  • local information system on the basis of Intranet.

International cooperation

Faculty members often participate in international conferences and seminars, such as:

  • International conference “Mathematical and Imitational Simulation of Systems. MODS”, Institute of mathematical machines and systems problems, Kyiv; and others.

In 2009-2010 the department members participated in design of international project “Information system to support scientific research partnership network: Interregional scientific portal “The problems of Chernobyl disaster consequences overcoming: fundamental research and practical realization”.



  • training trend 0305 “Economics and business”, first cycle of higher education, bachelor of art in Economic cybernetics (6.030502);


  • training trend 0305 “Economics and business”, second cycle of complete higher education, specialist in Economic cybernetics (7.03050201).

Speciality “Economic cybernetics” was established in 1998 with licensed capacity of 50 students.


The current number of students:

  • 82 full-time students
  • 6 part-time students

Since the department was established there have been 7 graduations of 218 full-time specialists in Economic cybernetics

Prospective students

Specialists in Economics and Economic cybernetics are trained in working at the enterprises, establishments and for organizations in all fields of economy and patterns of ownership, and also in the government at all levels. Job positions: mathematician-economist, economist-analyst, information analyst, system analyst, programmer-analyst, information system designer, applications designer, Web-programmer, network administrator, software maintenance specialist, software and information security specialist, information technologies counselor, information technologies manager, information manager, project manager.



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